Multi-system thermal solar energy controller


The solar temperature differential controller is 13 different controls in one, easy to install, easy to use
This solar controller has been designed for easy operation and is intended to make your life easier and help you save energy and money.
This solar controller is a product that can provide the answer to controlling 13 different domestic hot water solar system installations in an easy and efficient way, whether it is a new installation or an improvement to an existing one. Simple to operate, simple for the installer to set up, but cutting edge technology providing all the additional optional functions that systems require.
+ Management of 13 solar systems in one (Est/West, Pool, Solid fuel boiler...)

+ Energy savings: synchronization of off-peak periods.

+ Heat quantity measurement.

+ System operating temperatures readout.

+ Heating Boost, instant or daily-programmed.

+ Collector or cylinder cooling functions and high temperature protection.

+ Optimised back up heat - electric/CH boiler or both

+ 3 secured access levels: wiring, installation, utilization

+ Ergonomic to use and to set: intuitive large display with red/blue backlighting to differentiate installation and use

+ Easy to install using spring clamp terminals

+ Legionella protection

+ Frost protection


For more information, download our documentation

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