Patented wall-mounting brackets for radiators

This innovative solution has been the subject of an European patent and has been designed to overcome the technical constraints of existing wall-mounting brackets. 

The Néomitis® goal : reinforce the security of an installation for the installer and the end user while maintaining an hanging time of radiators with reduced wall. 

The wall brackets of Néomitis® radiators are steel, their mechanical properties remain constant over time (there is no phenomenon of fatigue and breaking in time, the main defect known of plastic wall brackets) and their mechanical properties enable them to adapt to the aluminum components in the event of expansion during the heating on. 
















Principle of locking

1- Standard wall-mounting brackets 




2- Patented wall-mounting brackets Néomitis® 



Secure facility

For installation, the hooking being by the top, the risk of tipping forwardly during assembly is avoided.

The shocks on the radiator are absorbed by the reversible deformation of the supports.

In addition, the patented locking system represents a further anti tip safety and allows to easily check that the lock is in place.


Products equipped :

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